Victory Hill Worship Team provides an opportunity for musicians who are passionate about Jesus to come and worship God and serve the church through their gifts. Culturally, we are a value driven team that whole-heartedly believes that God is using our church to advance His kingdom and so our values amplify and feed into the overall vision of VH.

Our objective is to serve our church by creating the space for our community express adoration and awe before the goodness, greatness and holiness of our God in song. This means bringing worship in various different settings such as our Sunday morning service or smaller gatherings such as bible studies. We also support our tech team and are heavily involved in our set up and set down teams.

We work together with all VH serving teams and recognise our act of serving as an act of worship to our God. We work particularly close with meeting leaders, the ministry team and the preachers to achieve our objective. As a team, we see the importance of our assignment and seek to steward it well and do this by meeting regularly to stir up one another’s faith, pray, study, plan and fellowship.

If you are keen to get involved, come register your interest with Becki Smith or Sam Freeman and we can go from there!